Breaking The Mould

Hong Vo is not your average PhD student. She may labour in the lab for hours on end researching the visual systems of mantis shrimps, but she spends every ounce of her free time behind the wheel—the pottery wheel, that is.

Dumpling Dynamite

If the bright pink and blue sails waving to passersby is not enough to gander attention, the wafts of sweet spices and salty broths billowing from Wow Dumpling on Vulture Street will draw a crowd to the new Asian fusion restaurant opened in mid-July.

Bluebird Kitchen

Every part of Bluebird Kitchen is organic in the truest sense of the word — created by high school sweethearts who moved home to Warwick to start a family and build a business, using only the freshest local produce, growing slowly as word has spread, and gravitating towards whatever their customers have loved most.

Family Husk

Husk Distillers founders Paul Messenger, a geologist by trade, and his wife Mandy, an accountant turned writer, always knew they wanted to live on a farm, but were unsure of what to do with one until a tropical holiday sparked an idea.

Wandering Gourmand

Sabrina Ravail found her love of cooking at age five, laced between her grandmother’s legs in the kitchen, watching as the matriarch’s careful hands would finely julienne carrots and cucumbers.